# Enable Authors Page

This page is where you can see all the authors at a glance (you could use it as a Team page if you will), you can see a live demo in this link (opens new window), it looks like this:

To enable this page please follow these steps:

  1. In the Ghost Admin head to the Pages page and press the New page button.

  2. Give it a title (e.g. Authors).

  3. You can also add a featured image and an excerpt text in the page settings.

  4. Publish the page.


You do not need to add content to this page as it is automatically generated.


If you decide to use another title for this page it is important that you manually change the Page URL in the page settings so that the value is authors, otherwise it will not work.


If you want to use a different URL, team for example, you have to unzip the theme folder, rename the file page-authors.hbs to page-team.hbs, zip the theme folder and upload it again.